Large Scale Scrum Announcements mid 2019

Hi everyone,

summer vacation slowly but surely go over and the conference season is about to start. We also have great speakers and ideas for our meetup coming. In this announcement we want to share 2 topics. Global LeSS conference right at our door and a new declaration for you to maybe sign.

Global LeSS conference in Munic

The global LeSS conference this year takes place in München.

large scale scrum conference munic 2019

This is going to be the most practical LeSS conference so far, with over 13 case-studies from people involved in transitions. This is a great place to bring not only coaches but your management colleagues. It’s a unique chance to visit, without having to go to some place very far, like New York last year.

Being there you will experience some aspects of LeSS first hand. Team self-designing workshop, facilitation of large groups, agile games with large groups.

One thing we particularly like about the conference is, that it’s team based. You are free to join whatever session you like, but you also have a stable smaller group of people you get to know in the beginning and can establish a more personal connection to through out the conference.

Anton is going to be there this year. Maybe you too?

2: Fans of LeSS Declaration

Join us in signing the declaration of Friends of LeSS and against fake Agility for “safety” and “change theater”.

Parts of it:

In 2001, when helping craft the Agile Manifesto, Alistair Cockburn made an observation that still resonates:
“I am interested in fending off the fat methodology army, the vast quantity of RUP, Anderson, SEI, etc. salespeople putting ideas into CIOs’ minds that they should have lots of paperwork to be “safe.” Countering the “I want a turnkey methodology, one that works straight out of the box” mentality. Those are the two battles I could use help in.”

3. Ah yes, and a little third thing: When choosing what we support with our work we try to make more and more choices that help global topics (warming, plastics, corruption,..) that are touching everyones lives more and more today.

Yours, Timon and Anton

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