Anton’s book has been published – “The Art of Slicing Work”

I (Anton here) am excited and exhausted, after investing over 2 years of my main attention in writing this book, it was published on March 21st!

A somewhat exhausted but also happy author

The title: “The Art of Slicing Work”.

Let me briefly explain why I wrote another book about agility. If you search for any of the “agile” keywords on the Internet today, you will find articles that are usually incomprehensible to people outside of software development. The things we bring to the world as the “agile crowd” are very widely applicable and useful in all kinds of contexts – for example, working in nonprofits and government. (And even in software or product development, many people don’t understand the basics).

I’ve worked with many non-profit, public and commercial organizations outside of product development over the past few years and learned what works. Essentially, this book explains how to apply Scrum / Agility without using technical or Scrum language by giving a large number of easy-to-understand examples and illustrating some projects from working with real clients (including images).

Here is a picture from the book, which explains at a dinner example what vertical and horizontal cutting of work is.

Maybe you would like to browse through many easy-to-understand examples and be inspired? Or you know other people who find “agile” somehow interesting and would like to understand concretely what that could mean in their context? If so, I would be very happy about a recommendation:

You can find the eBook here in the shop of your choice (Apple, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, etc.):

And it’s available as a paperback on Amazon:

If you are even more interested in the topic of cutting work, I would like to invite you to the page I have set up, especially for this purpose: . Here you will also find a lot of media articles, podcasts, and conference appearances of mine on this topic.

And, dear reader, I’m really looking forward to your feedback on this book. Does not have to be positive. Write your opinion and feel free to contact me.

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