Introducing ScrumAdemia: An Agile Guide for Doctoral Research

I am happy to share that some wonderful people I had a chance to work with in 2021 just published ScrumAdemia as a research paper: Here’s an announcement about it on LinkedIn:

The authors are on LinkedIn as well, just follow the link above to their original announcement to comment, ask questions etc.

The article itself “open access” under a creative commons license so I’m allowed to provide the original PDF to you right here:

Some readers might be critical about the name including “Scrum” … especially because there are some differences to Scrum per se. On the other hand there are also many similarities with Scrum and it beautifully focuses on mutual support, which emerges in great commercial Scrum teams, too.

Either way, I’m happy that they used Scrum as a starting point to create a way of working that is very helpful for them and many other Ph.D. students. I wish I had had an environment like that while working on my own Ph.D.

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