Knowledge – Articles on Scrum and Agile

Here you will find articles on the most important topics in the areas of Scrum and Agile. We regularly update them to reflect the latest developments.


Topic: Scrum

We are in the process of translating our articles to English. The first articles are available below.

Topic: Agile

agile manifesto screenshot

What is Agile?

  • Original meaning of the word and how it came to be used in organisations
  • Agile as an economical principle
  • Agile as new form of leadership

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Agile Coach listening

Agile Coach – What does it mean?

  • Differentiation of an Agile Coach from a classic management consultant
  • Different activities of an Agile Coach in detail
  • Explanation of this relatively new term

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Further topics

knowledge work

What is knowledge work?

  • Multiple examples to understand the nature of knowldge work
  • Why knowledge work is different and needs different management approach

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