Technical setup for our Live Online Trainings

What we use in trainings

We currently work primarily with these three tools:

  • Zoom for video conferencing
  • Workbook (as doc or PDF) for each individual
  • for the common visual board

What are the technical requirements for our virtual trainings?

To participate in one of our live online trainings you will need:

  • PC or Mac and a tablet or smartphone, if applicable.
  • A stable internet connection
  • A quiet room during the entire seminar
  • The possibility to install the application “Zoom” (more about Zoom below)
    • on your computer
    • or – if you don’t have the permissions for it – on your smartphone or tablet
  • A browser of the current generation: Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox

To test in advance how Zoom works for you, see below.

Do I need to install anything beforehand?

Yes, but it is only one application – Zoom. We need it for the video conference that runs throughout the training. It offers a lot of advantages, like breakout rooms and stability. All other technical services for our trainings do not require installation.

You can install Zoom by clicking on this link You will receive a valid meeting ID from us a few days before the training.

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