CTC Application Insights by Nils Bernert

Nils Bernert shared several insights concerning the CTC application in an email exchange in the context of our CTC mentoring group (which is a continuation of the CTC mentoring pilot).

Context: Nils reviewed a colleagues CTC application to give feedback before it was sent for formal review. I obtained his permission to post these lines here.

Some of my insights from the review were:

  • Do not describe „known methods“ (like Open Space Technology) in great detail.
  • Do not generalize what was done.

Instead describe:

  • What you did quite specifically
  • Describe your part
  • Why a „method“ was chosen (and possibly how it relates to coaching)
  • What was the impact, what were the learnings
  • how did you fail and improve over time, what did you change
  • do not ignore the word count, it will help you to focus

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